Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to the source

This little unassuming pearl necklace was created during my fascination for the Tudors, and in particular Ann Boleyn. I wanted to create something delicate with simple lines and with that colour combination for everyday use. Something reminiscent of the jewellery of that period, but with a contemporary twist.

It was only when I took a photograph of the necklace some time after, that I saw the potential of the sweeping overlapping lines constructed of tiny little pearls as it lay somewhat askew. I wanted to freeze that graphic and wear it. The silver armband below was the first product to materialise that graphic in wearable form.

A little mention goes to Klara Eriksson who froze alongside me under the bridges in Stockholm, and who took this photograph that so perfectly captures the whiteness of the silver in a concrete landscape.

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