Friday, June 15, 2012

Blair and Sheridan, Glasgow

Yesterday I paid a visit to Douglas Blair's and Roddy Sheridan's newly opened jewellery shop in Glasgow's West End. Those of you who follow LOD's blog  may remember that Douglas came over to Sweden to do a workshop with us in 2010, which was a great success.

Time does fly and now he has started his own shop with Roddy Sheridan in the hip end of Glasgow's West End.  Douglas and Roddy have combined their talents in design, craftmanship and diamonds to launch a cutting edge design business with bespoke designs and unique creations. Basically lots of jewellery that one would love to have.

There are no interior shots as I think that you should go and experience that in person. Check out some of their designs at Watch this space!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just golden

Klara posted pictures of these armbands on LOD's homepage as June is officially my last month as a member of LOD Metallformgivning. It was a truly unique six years being there designing, creating and working alongside my talented collegues. I will miss our technical discussions, our creative debates and generally just working there in the workshops together. I will take a lot of wonderful memories with me.

These armbands are handsawn in silver before being goldplated with a matt finish.