Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Forest Of Light

This is a project that I have been working on with Viktor. At the moment we have one prototype and the current plan is to construct the forest this summer. Well a little forest at least and lighter in colour.

The concept is this. Wall mounted candleholders that can be extended and retracted to suit the mood of the evening. Each unit is fully flexible and is in essence a 'branch' holding a candle. The arms can be rotated from a primary axis to be positioned exactly as one wishes. The unit can be packed down to minimise space and be discreet when not in use.

I wanted to create an ' interior forest' contructed from the arms of the candleholders and the cast shadows that they create. A flexible forest, adaptable, fully retractable and graphically sculptural. This was a fictive poster that I created to illustrate the concept, so none of the 'links' work in real life.

Actual photographs will follow once I've found the location to base the photoshoot on, and once we have built the forest.

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