Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A fresh start with a unique ring

January is the time for planning and bringing fresh ideas to the table. I bought a new diary and calendar for 2012 today and took my time picking the ones that felt just right. There are a lot of projects in the pipeline for 2012 but in order to start this year's blog in a pretty way with inspirational photographs, I thought I'd share the images of a ring that I made last year.

This is a one off ring that has been designed to work in conjunction with an existing ring. There won't ever be another one quite like it. Like the other rings in the Kvist series, the diamonds spread out along the lines of the pattern like water, giving a bright glimmer to just parts of the design. The ring itself was left matt, allowing the true colour of the white gold to compliment the natural colour and shine of the coffee diamonds.

1 comment:

  1. I'm in love!

    But you ruined my day.
    I had just made up my mind on buying three simple rings.
    But once i saw these i realized my need for uniqueness is not fulfilled yet.

    so Thanks I Guess;-)
    I will have to let my love of clean and classic struggle a bit longer with my wish for uniqueness.