Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buttons and Storm Clouds

I was listening to P3 on Friday whilst working on some Button Necklaces and happened to hear a program hosted by Swedish Musician, Timbuktu. The theme was 'Storm' and it brought with it an unusual and excellent mix of music for daytime radio, which made for several hours happy working.

This necklace was a special commission and a variation to the original design with only three units and a double chain. It needed to be soft and tacile to the touch yet strong and sturdy whilst still holding on to the feel of the first designs. Petronella Eriksson took the top photograph on the street in Stockholm and in the studio it's me behind the lens. Soon I'll be posting the new versions of the Button collection that I've been working on. It just might be in Göteborg and a storm cloud or two in the background. I have a feeling.

The highlight of Friday's program was 'Storm' by Jose Gonzalez which stopped me in my tracks - literally. Files down, micromoter off! If you want to be swept along then click vidare to - http://www.jose-gonzalez.com/.

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