Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's been a while since I wrote.....

Yes it's been incredibly hectic at LOD since I last wrote. A lot of work and different kinds of commissions have been eating into my blogging time with a vengence, but today's the day to break that trend and report on what's been going on.

For a start the gallery's changed and we had a lovely 'Pre-Summer' vernissage on the 30th June in conjunction with Woha. Take a little look at LOD's Blog to see pictures of the event at . During the summer months it's minimalism that rules at LOD

'Nothing To Declare' is a summer exhibition of sketch lights and objects based on materials that don't have monetary value but have qualities unique to the materials that have been used. Often the sketches and models that pre-date a design are more free and have a slightly different feel to them as one has worked quickly and with the confidence that comes without being restrained by the 'cost' of the material. This exhibition celebrates this aspect of design and Papillions De Nuit is my contribution - an industrial fluttering of butterflies to the flame in stainless steel.

My placemats and glass coasters are also on display. That's a collection that I'll shortly be telling you more about. It's nice to be back!

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