Thursday, February 17, 2011

Graphics in the workshop - black, white, silver.... and green!

I like the possibilities of interpreting the 'simple' T bar catch grapically. This design is going to form the backside of some necklaces that I am working on, continuing the feel of the design right through from front to back.

This photo captures the trial catch, checking that the weight balance works. Again the power of repetition can reveal the potential for development into other pieces. A pile of 'T's and a bracelet could be on the cards?

A little mention has to go out to the gloriously delicious graphics that hang around LOD from time to time. There's a few contenders but this week's winner is namely 'Super Sculpey'.  Klara bought this clay to mould and hammer against, but the true value of this product lies in it's graphic profile? I have to bow down to the supreme quality of the graphic design here. Simply sublime with a hint of green! Goregous and very very inspirational.

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